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At present, the main production of five varieties: stainless steel ball, copper ball, carbon ball, shaft steel ball, special ball, the thirty specification is between the 0.8mm-25.4mm file system, the British system and non-standard.

  • Stainless steel ball
    Stainless steel ball is usually produced by stainless steel forging process. At this stage, the materials commonly used for stainless steel ball are 201, 302, 304, 316, 316L, 420, 440C.
  • Copper ball
    Usually a sphere produced by copper forging.
  • Carbon steel ball
    Also called carbon steel ball, just as its name implies, is the steel ball made of carbon steel raw material. The main raw materials are AISI10101015104510651085, carbon content increases in turn.
  • Bearing ball
    It is a kind of rolling bearing. The ball ball is installed in the middle of the inner steel ring and the outer steel ring, and can bear greater load. It's called ball bearing.
  • Aluminum ball, pure
    Aluminum wire, cutting, grinding and other processes refined. The surface is bright, cylindrical, applied to the surface of aluminum, zinc or thin wall workpiece. Jet polishing has significant whitening effect on the workpiece surface.
  • Nylon ball
    Nylon as raw material, environmental protection and durability, high precision, small tolerance, smooth surface, no burr.
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