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Shaoxing YongLi steel ball Co., Ltd. lie in" Chinese umbrella city"an important town of the north of Shangyu--Town of Songxia,Geographical environment is superior,at high speed of Zh ing ,and high speed of SH shan,and 104,329 run through this city, Railway lead to all parts of the country, port near Harbour of Ningbo, Shanghai,Aviation adjoin Hangzhou International airport and Ningbo airport,land, sea,, empty traffic very much convenient.

Our company specialize in steel ball have a history of more than 30 years already (It is two that is rotated by the collective steel ball factory of market of Shangyu ),Through technological transformation in recent years, the equipment is introduced , has already begun to take shape, Annual production capacity is 1,500 million Produce five varieties mainly at present: Stainless steel ball, Copper ball,carbon steel ball, axle steel ball, special ball,30 kinds of specifications are that every shelf is made today between 0.8mm-25.4mm, British system and nonstandard.

Getting" YongLi " steel ball craft advanced person, technological innovation, product quality performance steady and reliable. Can be used in various kinds of bearings extensively, Sprayer , Household appliances , Food machinery, Medical apparatus, Textile apparatus, petroleum, chemical machinery,, hydraulic pressure piece, auto industry, motorcycle, bicycle, sewing machine, instrument and meter, paint,etc. trade form a complete set and use,and export partly.

Company's operation policy: With the high-quality products, favourable price, munificent service, In line with the principle of the mutual reciprocity and mutual benefit, welcome domestic and international travelling trader and would appreciate the advice wholeheartedly, Establish friendly business cooperation for a long time.

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